Welcome to My Website

Hello, My name is Stewart and I’m happy that you are visiting my website. In this blog my goal is to tell the history of my life to all my family, friends and all the visitors that will visit this website.

I will show you how to travel in a budget and how to have the best experiences of your life. I was on a corporate ladder before realizing the importance of start living experiences outside your comfort zone and I want to share this with you.

Also, I’m new to this blogging thing so bare with me if my articles are not interesting at the beginning. I will promise you that I will get better and better. Also, if you are interested on share your stories you can count with my blog and I will publish them.

First I want to share a video if a place that I love. It is in Ecuador and It’s called Montanita. Watch this video:


And also, I want to share a picture of this amazing place:


Sunset in Montañita, Ecuador.

I hope you have enjoyed this video and the picture above and inspire you to start thinking on living meaningful experiences. Let me know you share your comments below. Thanks again for visiting my website.